To cap off every awesome thing that happened, I made a photo compilation of it. Mostly were taken in Makati–God knows how much I would miss this place, most especially the crowd I’m usually with. *sobs* Enough of the drama. lol. Seriously, I’ll be missing my life in the BIG CITY, soooo.. here are some of the things I would probably be reminiscing when I re-locate to Cavite:

1. UNENDING FOOD SESH1(Cafe Breton)2(Tender Bobs)3(Yellow Cab)4(KKK Pinoy Food Revolution)5(Yakimix)6(Banana Leaf)7(Pepper Lunch)8(Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant)9(Quiznos Sandwich Restaurant)10(Lamesa Grill)11(Tender Bobs)12(Sentro 1771)13(DADS.Kamayan.Saisaki)

Of course, foods like these wouldn’t be as good as it is without having awesome companies to share it with.

2. AWESOME PEEPSDSC07827229461_1766849688513_6316268_n4-up on 8-17-12 at 5.03 PM #5 (compiled)IMG_0116532387_3545911368324_417586441_n 387026_3545912168344_1740213421_n533218_3601777324938_772443849_nIMG_17013661_502441309771319_785594441_nIMG_2023620580_3764763075099_1828401869_o (1)IMG_1378
Spent my whole 4 years with these amazing people. I’ll surely miss you guys and all the memories we’ve shared. 🙂

3. ELORDEIMG_1896 IMG_1895

IMG_2052IMG_2050 IMG_2049IMG_2047
I never thought I would engage myself in this kind of sport. But my whole stay at the Elorde Boxing Gym was worth reminiscing; made a bunch of new friends (mostly from DLSU and CSB) and made me feel healthier and sexier. HAHA. But all of this won’t be possible if it weren’t for my patient coach, Coach Jhun, who continuously puts up with all my rants and still manages to remain nice to me. Teehee. Thank you, Coach!

Also, my whole stay at the Elorde Boxing Gym wouldn’t be complete without having pictures with one of my fave fashion bloggers, Lissa Kahayon, sooo.. Hooray for that! Btw, don’t mind my crappy face. I got star-struck from the moment she stepped out from the dressing room. HAHA (such a fan girl).

4. THE ACCESSIBILITY OF MALLS (LANDMARK, GLORIETTA, SM & GREENBELT)greenbelt-ayala-center-makati-03 55797456 107239056.XYzamjop 2169794323_1472d758bc(Credits to the one who took these photos)

One of the things I would most certainly miss–MALLS! Haha. I’m a guilty shop-a-holic, which is why I don’t know how I would survive life in Cavite. lol. But I’m pretty sure I can manage… I just hope I can. 🙂

5. HOW ECLECTIC AND QUIRKY I CAN BE WHEN IT COMES TO FASHIONmeHonestly, I wasn’t much of a savvy in terms of fashion before. But, I was certain of one thing, I was captivated by the class and the sophistication this city exudes. I decided to experiment first, and it turned out pretty well. Then, when I can’t get a hold of this whole fashion thing, I became more eager to experiment, explore and to step out from my comfort zone. I am even surprised that staples that may appear to be dull or boring, can still be eye-catching when combined with the right wardrobe, accessories, shoes, etc.

I guess that’s just about it! 🙂


Since Sundays are for comfy days, I opted for something that’s comfortable and bold at the same time. Summer is still up and kickin’, which is why I still wear sleeveless-mullet dresses. Mullet skirts and dresses are one of my favorite staples, because it gives you a laid-back, effortless look. Also, it’s an up-do  of the usual maxi dresses and skirts, for me.IMG_2382IMG_2369IMG_2385 IMG_2386I guess that’s just about it! 🙂