I’m pretty sure some of you are wondering why all of a sudden I went M.I.A. on Facebook, Twitter and didn’t even respond to all your texts and calls, which is why I’m writing this post to enlighten those people who are concerned about me. HAHA. I’m not writing this to fully disclose what happened, I’m only writing this post to express myself… So, here it goes.

Recently, I’ve encountered a very tragic experience in my life. I know that for some, it may seem to be shallow, but for me, it really meant something. Of course, I was depressed and even became withdrawn to the people I know, because I felt embarrassed and I feared that people would judge me for what had happen. I honestly fear judgment. Well, who wouldn’t? I’ve experienced it before and I don’t want history to repeat itself anymore. It wasn’t a very pleasant memory to remember, but then instead of sulking too much on the damage it gave me, I made it as my motivation to strive for success. This is what I’m actually doing now; trying to rise up from the ashes.

For quite some time, I’ve had my realizations on why such predicaments occur in life. I wondered why mine occurred earlier than I expected. Maybe God made this happen to teach me a lesson, or  maybe He’s trying to make me stronger so that I’d be prepared from the moment another problem strikes in my life again or maybe He plans something else for me, something wonderful perhaps. These thoughts started to clog my mind. I don’t know which is which, but I do know one thing-God is with me. I know that I may have, often times, neglected His presence because of my pride, but now I’m whole-heartedly surrendering everything unto Him.

Now, as y’all can see, I’m feeling better than ever. I stopped thinking of what other people might say and started finding solutions on how I could overcome this. I honestly felt guilty with the way I anticipated how my colleagues and professors are going to react with what had happen to me. It didn’t cross my mind that all of them would be so empathetic and understanding that made it easier for me to recover. On top of that, I didn’t expect that my parents would easily accept what happened (knowing them); I was really surprised. I felt fortunate being surrounded by these people whom I took for granted, but didn’t forsake me and even gave me their deepest consolation and understanding.

Capping it all off, I just want to thank those people who continuously reached out to me even if I often neglected your comments, texts or calls. I hope you understand that I’m still in this process of recovering my self-esteem/worth from the painful experience I’ve gone through, and that I truly I appreciate what you’ve done. Thank you for not making me feel indifferent and for understanding. It really means so much to me.

I know that this may not be my time, but I know that in God’s time everything will fall perfectly into place. Be patient, Gracia, God has prepared something wonderful for you in the future.IMG_1103

Again thank you from my ever pa-cute face. HAHA.

I guess that’s just about it! 🙂



  1. I’m so proud of you partner. I know from the beginning you’ll overcome such life – changing experience for you are one strong woman. And yes, you are right. God is with you, always. You will become somebody great someday and when you do, don’t forget to look back and appreciate all things happened for everything has its purpose no matter how painful it has been to you. God bless your imperfect yet beautiful life.

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