21 on the 21st

Yay! My most awaited day has finally come! And believe me, I am beyond excited to tell you how my day went super-duper well. I honestly thought that this would be just another typical day for me, even if t’was my day. I didn’t feel quite excited, but then from the moment I checked my phone and twitter, I received tons of long and heart-warming messages and greetings from my loved ones. Yieee! I felt so loved and appreciated. I actually like it when people greets me, whether it’s a lengthy message or just a simple one. I don’t mind. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be greeted on their special day, right? šŸ™‚ From this, it made me look forward for more future surprises that could possibly happen. teehee.

And so, as time drove near 1pm, I became more and more excited because it is actually my first time to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend, Carlo. šŸ™‚ It has actually been a week or two since we last saw each other, that’s why I plan to celebrate my special day with one of the most special person to me :”> Carlo decided to buy a cake since it has been quite a long time since I last celebrated my birthday with a cake. Then we went to watch a movie to kill time šŸ™‚ Afterwards, we went to Tapella to have our dinner. Chatted for quite some time, and when we’re about to have our dessert, a group of waitresses and waiters came out from the kitchen carrying a mini cake, while singing a Happy Birthday song. At first, I was skeptical if it was really for me since we’re not the only ones dinning in the restaurant. Then, when the waitresses and waiters walked towards us I was really surprised. šŸ™‚ It was really for me! HAHA. I felt so kilig because it is actually the first time someone threw a surprise like this for me, and I thank Carlo for letting me experience this šŸ™‚

IMG_5486IMG_5476IMG_5489IMG_5495 IMG_5496IMG_5501 IMG_5502 IMG_5503IMG_5518

Too bad we only have one picture together. And the worst part is it’s blurry pa šŸ˜ Anyway, we still have more time to take more pictures of ourselves. šŸ™‚IMG_5507

Of course it wouldn’t be a complete celebration if I don’t get to share this. HAHA

IMG_5528 IMG_5526 IMG_5538 IMG_5539IMG_5547IMG_5544 IMG_5548 IMG_5551With my dormmates šŸ™‚ IMG_5471 IMG_5470

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve decided to claim the dress that I won from Camille Co’s blog giveaway on my birthday. My birthday gift for myself šŸ™‚ teehee.

Again, Happy Birthday to myself and thank you for all those who greeted me. I may not be able to thank each one of you, but I am really grateful for everything šŸ™‚

I guess that’s just about it!


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