575011_4694248807655_458491118_nSince New Year is just around the corner, I’ve decided to wear a fully sequined top from Forever 21, as well as a fully glittered Oxford shoes.  This can actually be very versatile since it can go from a day-to-night look. Donning a pair of black shorts would keep the look casual and simple at the same time. I also went minimal on the accessories to emphasize the glowy effect my top has. HAHA.557004_4694249127663_1306541112_n540766_4694250087687_906161136_n377952_4694252607750_996470474_n 541985_4694252767754_259105804_n538438_4694250687702_1328186677_n 530320_4694253687777_1180905164_n

I’m also in love with spiky staples, because they add a certain kind of twist to your whole look. (Sorry for my messy hair. HAHA)377907_4694248847656_1164902843_nI guess that’s about it! 🙂


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