UST-logoFor those who probably know me, it is very evident and likely for me to write a post about my dream school, UST. Yes, you’ve heard/read that right, University of Sto. Tomas (UST) is the school where I ASPIRE/DREAM to be. At first, I thought it was just a phase and that I would, sooner or later, get over it. But I guess, I was wrong about it. Each passing days, I’ve realized how much I’ve fallen for this institute. I LOVE UST and nothing could ever change that. I know I haven’t experienced how and what it’s like to be in this university, but everytime I go there I always experience this warm and welcoming feeling that I’ve never experienced before. I have actually nothing against my current school. I love where I am, but not as much as I love UST. I just feel so frustrated because if I have only known that I’d be suuuper in love with this institute, I’ve DEFINITELY DONE MY BEST to convince my parents to be in UST. I guess it is really true when they say that Nasa huli and pagsisisi. And I, for one, agree with this.

Anyway, I’m writing this blog post not just to express how much I love and adore UST (lol), I also wanted to express my deepest frustration for not coming last night at their Paskuhan. For those of who doesn’t know Paskuhan, it is an annual event held every December as the year-ender event of every Tomasino. UST Paskuhan festivities begin with a parade to be participated by students, faculty and officials of the different faculties and colleges of the University. Notable bands, musicians, and other performers are also invited to grace the Paskuhan stage during the concert. It was then followed by the most anticipated fireworks display to cap off the event.

46813_150503548314218_6345935_n 65815_172103492820890_8007411_n68905_535587196453069_766274062_npaskuhan_draws_crowd_of_50000_05 389391_3909641866863_1670718213_n IMG-1844 fireworks(Photos where randomly grabbed from google. So credits to those who took those pictures)

Apparently, you can see how much FUN it really is to be in UST. I know some of you (or even most of you) think that I’m being biased or anything. I actually am and I ain’t denying it. I love this school so much and I would like everyone to know about it. I may not bleed black and gold, but  assure you that I am a pure Thomasian by heart. ‘Til next Paskuhan (hoping that I could come)! 😀

I guess that’s about it! 🙂


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