Hola fellow bloggers and readers! Finally, I’ve already packed up the courage to start my very OWN BLOG. Yeah! You heard and read that right, as of 7:04 PM on the 8th of November, 2012 I’m currently composing what to write on my blog and the thought of accomplishing this post just sends shiver to my spine.

For those who actually knows me, this is what you’ve been waiting for me to do (Hooray!). Many of my friends actually wants me to start a fashion blog since they “consider” me very fashionable (in a sense), so instead of just strutting my style down the aisles of Assumption, they thought it’ll be better if I started posting it on the world-wide web.

Expect a lot of unprofessional shots of myself (at first. HAHA), since I’m still an amateur at this.


Oh and btw, I almost forgot to introduce myself. Anna Graciela Guevara here. 20 years of age. An aspiring Oncologists/Fashion Designer/Fashion Blogger in the near future. :))

Take a peek into my world to get to know how I live and love life EUPHORIC-ally.


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